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The latest from

KMG Recording Studio


Iggy Pop


has been released:


Rythym tracks were recorded/engineered
by KH. This is the 2nd CD IGGY has
done here at the GROOVE ROOM!





Iggy Pop

Check out the first CD IGGY did here

The other side of Iggy!





"Psycho Merchants"

psycho merchants cd

The debut CD from

Psycho Merchants

Warning: For those about to ROCK!

Volume must at

11 for maximum effect.





Miss Patti's ArtSmart®



Famous Art & Fabulous Music

Miss Patti's new record,

This is the rockin follow up
to her first childrens CD,

"Feeling Groovy"





Joe Duraes
"Ebb and Flow"

CD Cover - High Rez

Congrats to Joe Duraes for
the great reviews on

ebb and flow





   Sean Cox video "Coming Home"  


Coming Home - Sean Cox Music Video

from Michael Stern on Vimeo.


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What Our Artists Are Saying...


"Kevin is a world-class producer & drummer ultra-bad, creative mofo, with monster ears/ groove/focus/attention to detail (...and also a very cool, nice, down to earth human with a great positive vibe.) If you want you record done right, this is who you call!"

Phil Magallanes, pianist for Arturo Sandoval


"I always look forward to working with Kevin and hearing the records he brings in. I've been fortunate to work on many of his records over the last several years including Matt Turk, Carrie Ashton and Matt Fried.

Every record is always well recorded and filled with great performances. I know the music is going to have that great sense of depth and space. His experience as an artist also shows on many levels. In the great recording of course, but also just as important is the way the artists are always relaxed when they come into master. That let's me know they have great confidence in Kevin as an engineer as well as a person.

Keep up the great work!"

Joe Lambert
Trutone Mastering


"Focused... workhorse.... handsome.... Groove Master.... dedicated.... German Shephard... loyal.... Good Boy!"

Trisha Blue




What Our Clients Are Saying...


Kevco Music Group solved all of our music challenges at Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Times Square, New York City - custom tailored sound for rooms between 100 and 300 guests, great bands and creative and wildly popular ideas for mid-week music nights such as classic rock album nights, British Invasion, interactive "stump the band" contests - which allowed us to focus on our core business while providing our guests with awesome, professional entertainment. Kevco was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.


Jamie Galler while
Executive Vice President of
The Riese Organization,
New York, NY


I have now had two events with you and the Highline Allstars. Once for my wedding and now for my 60th Birthday Party. My greatest worry now is coming up with another good reason to have you perform again! Your band is not a 'wedding band' that just bangs out tunes that hopefully sound similar to the originals. Your band is 100 cuts above and leaves one wondering whether the tunes enchanting the guests are being performed by the original artists. Each member of your band is a seriously talented recording professional musician. So there is no wonder that the quality is so high and the enjoyment so great.


For me, music at any event is critical and there is nothing better than live music. I love to dance and I could not stop. You ran the event to perfection and my only regret was that the party had to end.


So I just thought of another good reason to have you back. Your that good! Can you play for my 61st Birthday Party?!


Thanks very much for making our wedding and my birthday so special.


Ron Pohl, Esq.